Mar Ivanios Bethany Vidyalaya (CBSE)

Mar Ivanios Bethany Vidyalaya (CBSE) is one among the many educational institutions of Bethany Navajeevan province, education for us is a mission with a vision - a mission of going beyond breaking barriers and building bridges with the vision of a bright future ahead. Mar Ivanios Bethany Vidyalaya is a CBSE school owned and managed by Bethany Ashram, started in 2012. Mar Ivanios Bethany Vidyalaya has a dream of liberating young minds and souls from the bondage of ignorance and darkness. It is a vision of Imparting Quality Education and Integral Development adhering to International Standard, incorporated with Indian Values. Mar Ivanios Bethany Vidyalaya is a one-stop destination for your child’s school education and overall development. At present classes extend up to Pre-School to 12. We, at MIBV, ensure to endow its students with all skills and knowledge one needs to live our faculty at MIBV. We offer a host of facilities which would develop a sense of self-confidence, and creativity among the students. Our facilities at MIBV are highly trained and highly qualified in their respective fields giving stress on skills, competence, and concept-based learning system. You will definitely not be just an anonymous student here. It is the true realization of the global vision to import high-quality and cost-effective education that steers MIBV to fulfill its motto "Sa Vidhya Ya Vimukthaye" which means Knowledge is that which Liberates."

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Mar Ivanios Bethany School

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